Specialized marketing services provider for product sales. Industries use MarConPra's media, content, promotion and campaign services to generate product demand and sales orders.

Company accepts new method to do business instead of old way.

Company accepts new method to do business instead of old way.

Marconpra Model for Humanities

The concept of product purchasing by customer due to demand generation is explained in Marconpra Model for Humanities.

PSMHS Series - Product Seller

PSMHS Series preparation service is now available for purchase with a 30% discount under an introductory offer.

Website Under Production

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News & Updates

Mr. Gaurav Sharma launches the official website of the company Company founder Gaurav Sharma said that at present the main objective of the website is to serve content to the consumers related to business operations and especially marketing and sales matters. The initial goal of the newly launched Marconpra website is to be recognized as a pioneer firm in the field of professional service providers at the international level. A variety of content categories such as Inspirational, Possibilities, Explanation and Proposal are available for consumption on the Marconpra website to meet the consumer’s demand for sales related information.

Please click the link to get accessibility of "Digital transformation" page under Possibility category of website.

With this the decision-making camping of Marconpra starts. The content of humanities concepts, essential for brainstorming the planning and the strategy of company promotion under the campaign, is now available for corporate analysts on the “Marconpra’s Model for Humanities” page in the Ideas category of the menu of Marconpra's official public website
For the first time, items based on decisive content with high ranking in the content category are being offered at the “MarConPra’s Humanities Model” page.
Because the explanation of humanities science has been presented on the page by humanities scientist Gaurav Sharma. Therefore, “MarConPra’s Humanities Model” page is very important for those who are responsible for marketing and sales planning. So that they can make decisions regarding business expansion for their products at upcoming promotional campaigns in international markets.
We expect that this page will do a great job of teaching the concept of consumer behaviour to business decision makers through an explanation of the humanities model in the context of marketing and sales.

To meet the demand of manufacturing sector’s consumers to know the information and characteristics of professional service provider firms, “About Us” page included in the website by the administrator of Marconpra website In “About Us” page, short introduction of Marconpra company, operating philosophy, company profile, message from Founder Mr. Gaurav Sharma and services provided by the company in the market are briefly described.

A page named Inspirational - Competitive Excellence” has been provided for company directors on the official public website of Marconpra, an organization that provides advice and support for business operations and revenue growth.
Many corporate cases are presented in format of story by the MarConPra content creation team for the “Inspirational – Competitive Excellence” page. These stories feature short biographies of participants who have made courageous decisions and outstanding contributions to the company's success.
Media strategist of MarConPra has been worked on accessibility to simplify availability and content consumption for “Inspirational – Competitive Excellence” page. The accessibility work of link building done by media strategist reduces the time it takes for the “Inspirational – Competitive Excellence” page to be available to corporate users and saves time and energy for content consumption.
We are confident that the “Inspirational – Competitive Excellence” page of the Inspirational category will become a source of inspiration by generating enthusiasm in the team playing a role in the company's operations.

Exhibitors participating in upcoming product shows can use Marconpra for Enterprises' PSMHS to create an online sales order generation system to meet sales targets. To see service details and place quotation request please click on this link
We are confident that this page will prove its usefulness in providing service details and quotations to overseas buyers looking to involve professional service providers for product marketing.