PSMHS Series - Product Seller Modern Hybrid System

At Marconpra, we create PSMHS - Product Seller Modern Hybrid System for manufacturer to sell their products at local as well as in international market. PSMHS is equipped with significant facilities of Media, Content, Publicity along with Campaigns and Results Evaluation. PSMHS facilities are used to Build public relations, Preparation of promotional materials, Conducting business transactions and Execution of product promotions. You can receive sales orders for your products with the help of PSMHS Series.

Main Features of PSMHS Series

Service Detail

Service Name PSMHS
Description Product Seller Modern Hybrid System
Work Web Marketing
Project In-charge Gaurav Sharma, Inventor & Founder, MarConPra
Scenario Hybrid - Digital & Physical Infrastructure
Duration 5-6 Months
Offer 30% Discount (Under Introductory Term & Conditions) *

In the digital scenario, it is our duty and passion to reach the emerging markets with the help of state-of-the-art promotional tools and marketing skills for establishing profitable relationships with the target customers and get the products sold through PSMGS. We are committed to create a customized PSMGS series for manufacturers according to their sales matters in the leadership of MarConPra, Inventor & Founder Mr. Gaurav Sharma with 30% Discount of overall services charges in just 5-6 months.


To achieve any goal, it is necessary to have right coach, choose MarConPra and make your dream of professional marketing knowledge come true.

Saurav Ganguli- Former President of BCCI

Program Session Phase


Consumer Expectation Analysis & Responsive Business Model Tuning - CEARBMT

Designing online promotional campaign on the basis of competitor marketing operation analysis, consumer brainstorming research and large scale adopted trend identification.


Knowledge Representation Coaching and Guidance - KRCG

To upgrade and enhance the performance of official representative by developing understanding and skills of eloquence by various knowledge representation technique such as IRKPK, TRKPK, ERKPK and PRKPK.


Visual Communication Strategy Cum Promotional Document Preparation - VCS&PDP

From the beginning of content creation to publication to distribution assisting, managing and handling all promotional material operations and process to produce official literature of the offering of product and services by organization.


Internet Communication Channel Production - ICCP

To establish public relation and transforming relationship into commercial transtaction, creating various own media web property clustering such as website, micro website and landing pages including company digital presence on paid and organic social networking platform and online reputation of brand on earn media channels such as google search engine and regional news agencies.


Product Seller Modern Hybrid System Maintenance and Upgradation - PSMHSMU

Along with management of database system, preparing weekly, monthly and quarterly official reports of campaign performance. Circulating transactional outcomes of promotional activities to the person in charge of local, national and international territories. Presenting work relation advices such as continue, discontinue and pause of internal and external work.

Our specialty is to combine passion with accurate knowledge to succeed at work. For you, we will set our focus as web marketing work and then we will organize the entire work into a concentration of the following 5 operations to produce the desired results.
The analysis of consumer expectations builds responsible business modelling into the CEARBT operation. The production of speech will be done by the KRCG operation, the provision of promotional material will be done by the operation, the production of web properties will be done by the ICCP operation, and there will be PSMHSMU operation to keep the newly created sales system always useful and beneficial.
We ensure the certainty of high return success of your investment on web marketing work.


One of the unique features of PSMHS is the extreme simplicity of implementation measures that leads to promptly progress in all matters related to sales operations in B2B dealing.

Saurabh Sharmao

Member of McKinsey Online Executive Panel

Operational Execution Detail, Web Marketing

1. Consumer Expectation Analysis & Responsive Business Model Tuning – CEARBMT
Operation Process Result
Competitor Marketing Operation Analysis - CMOA
Online Promotional Campaign Experiment- OPCE
CEARBMT Consumer Behaviour Cum Brainstorming Research - CBBR Business Growth Modelfor Expansion, Revenue and Profit
Large Scale Adopted Trend Identification - LSATI

By analysing the market demography through the operation of CEARBMT, we will prepare a business growth model for your company. For this, we will do systematic research on demography with the help of various processes like CMOA, OPCE, CBBR etc. and will find and give you a unique pattern based on which other operations of the system will be performed. For increment in revenue, expansion of business in new market, Gaining high profit and enhancement in brand reputation; this newly buildup model of business growth can be implement at multiple business countries.

KRCG - Knowledge Representation Coaching and Guidance, Operation
Operation Process Result
KRCG ERKPK Eloquence Proficient Personality

In web marketing, KRCG stands for eloquence operation means expression techniques. Through this operation we will build speaking skills of your business representative, sales assistance as well as self-expression skills to the promotional material for your company's products. If your business team has good product representation skills, they will be able to convert the targets into desired results as per the campaign measurements. Working on representation sense through various conversational techniques such as IRKPK, TRKPK, ERKPK and PRKPK we willcreate Eloquence Proficient Personality for your company.


However, business operations are interconnected and dependent on each other. Every operation has its own importance in winning the market competition, yet the success of PSMHS is measured by the number of sales orders received by it.

Dr. Bhupendra Nath Tiwari

Alumni IIT Kanpur & Former Research in Rome Itly

Visual Communication Strategy Cum Promotional Document Preparation - VCS&PDP
Operation Process Result
Creation of content
Content Publication
VCS&PDP Distribution of Content Product KnowledgeMaterial & Document

To produce official product knowledge through processing physical entities we will execute content creation process. Once Creation of contentis completed we will initiate Content Publicationprocess for designing document and material such as company profile, product specification sheet, service comparison chart, product manual, logo, catch phrase, slogan and other corporate identity. And finally we will start services newly produced marketing materials for consumption to consumer via content distribution process.


PSMHS, created by the detailed efforts of web marketing work with more than 100 tasks in 24 processes of 5 operations, is the most suitable source to fit in every size of market for selling all types of B2B products.


Assistant Professor, Temple University, Tokyo, Japan.

Humanities Functionality

Consumers play different roles in different periods of time.

Thinking is the root cause of human behavior. Consumer acquires its unique identity due to special type of brainstorming. It generates the sense of identity. The combination of mental and physical identical states makes a person able to playing a pre-determined role. In a business context, consumers live in six roles. Public, Audience, Prospect, Connection, Customer and Buyer. It’s called consumer classification.

In different environments, the consumer lives his life by behaving certain characteristics according to the existing environment. By working on the consumer's thinking through the subtle processes of humanities, it is possible to determine his behavior by creating a special role for him.

Transforming the consumer in the role of a buyer and getting the purchase done is a great application of MarketPray's humanities model to the sales organization.

Image showing the 6 roles of a consumer in a business context



Gaurav-Sharma,-Inventor & Founder, MarConPra Company

Dedicated to transform marketing focus into product sales through powerful Marconpraconcentration

Gaurav Sharma
Inventor & Founder, MarConPra


Find the answer for the most frequently asked questions about PSMHS Series

What is PSMHS Series in the context of business growth?

At the international level, PSMHS series is a web arrangement to the consumers in the digital landscape of internet, devices and content based on humanities in the era of ICT.

What type of web system is PSMHS Series in digital transformation?

A hybrid web system combining technology and professionals to showcase a company's products in the overseas market and conduct business transactions with customers.

For which transaction it is suitable?

It is highly suitable for valuable information exchange as well as commercial transactions.

Why does PSMHS Series exist?

Marconpra's PSMHS comes into existence between product manufacturing and product selling. This is an important link between selling and buying.

How is PSMHS series useful in B2B business strategy?

Manufacturers use the PSMHS Series to reach target markets and receive sales orders from B2B buyers.