See how suggesting the marketing solution to business operation paves the way to innovation. A member becomes the centre of attraction by asking to set the focus as per sales nature when an overseas market sales team is seen worried about the decline in business leads during the company's monthly meeting. He says that sales should not start with business leads but with quotation request so that a b2b deal that would have taken 6-7 months can be closed in 2-3 weeks. At this moment, member encouraged by the manager's enthusiastic gesture, points to an optional facility for the sales team to bringing quotation request from new customers. Taking his point forward, the member shares an action plan for a b2b trading website. In which he mentions a strategy to match international buyers and company’s sales assistants. Impressed with sales planning and strategy, managers decide to arrange a new trading website.

Targeting buyers from cement, steel and pharmaceutical industries is the most important part of this strategy since there are 30 days to achieve the sales target of millions, there is a need to speed up the process, hence ICTs search engine technology is chosen so that cross border buyer can be contacted in short time. This is the glory of Information communication technology; it is a combination of both power and speed.

Information communication technology is transforming traditional communication system of company into web media.
Coverage of new efforts of marketing team to showcase products through digital product demonstrations for helping customers to make purchasing decision.

Visual illustration of a web designer doing brainstorming to design a prototype of an user interface and customer experience journey during the execution of an own and earn media strategy.

Preparation to win international market from sales office. In search engine marketing, the winner is the one who is successful in finding the keywords those are being used with purchasing intent. For this, the right keywords are found through online tool Moz and with the help of statistical classification technique, keywords with buying intent are separated from keywords with non-buying intent. After this, the product knowledge is transformed into decisive and committed content and promotional material is prepared by adding keywords with buying intent through the conversational method of ERKPK and PRKPK. And finally, UX and UI prototype are converted into the b2b trading website and promotional material of the product is arranged at catalogue page and at specification pages of the website. For the first time in the International Division, preparations are underway to sell the product in the overseas market while sitting in the office.

A different targeting method fits. The newly created website is hosted and this is the moment for performance and results in the web market. Out of millions of crores, the most excellent company’s website gets a position in the top 3 positions of the first page of the search engine result page. The website built with honest efforts and loyalty towards the buyers qualifies the search engine marketing competition and one day suddenly a quotation request is received of the buyer from cement plant in Vietnam. This moment becomes a transaction moment in business operations because in a moment the quotation generated by the website initiates a transaction between the Japanese sales assistant and the buyer from Vietnam.

The outstanding performance of the website works wonderful job. By the time of the first evaluation, this b2b trading website has generated 69 quotation requests of industrial process equipment to get the sale done. Based on the evaluation report, the b2b website created for the sales team is found beneficial in terms of investment return and a decision is taken to continue it. The MD of the International Division appreciates the GM and team of Overseas Business Management and expresses pride in adding a new dimension of sales to the department.

We learn a lesson from this. That by adopting the combining own and earn media in promotion promotion along with fundamental knowledge of sales, one can be successful in doing business in cross border market organically.

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