Rajasthan x Tokyo



The influence of the glorious land of Rajasthan, a state with a golden history located in the northern part of India, instills enthusiasm in the coming generations. And Tokyo, the technology-obsessed province of Japan, which is adorned with the title of the Rising Sun, shows the path of comfortable life to the world. MarConPra, a start-up company that excels in professional services in the proximity of Rajasthan and Tokyo, has flourished to maintain happiness and prosperity of business operations.

At a Glance

Specialized marketing services provider for product sales. Industries use MarConPra's media, content, promotion and campaign services to generate product demand and sales orders.

The MarConPra's Goodness in Every Passion

The goodness of primacy of knowledgeable processes can always be felt behind the passion for 5-dimensional result-oriented success.

Company Profile

Company Name Marconpra
Main Activity Creation and sale of professional marketing services
Founder Mr. Gaurav Sharma
Service Media, Content, Publicity, Campaign, PSMHS, CCP
Contact founder@marconpra.com
Website www.marconpra.com
Office E-453, Ranjeet Nagar, Bharatpur 321001, (Raj) India.
Founder Message

I have learned that human life goes through ups and downs and sometimes this way of nature makes life very difficult. To make life easier in such difficult circumstances, the compassion and care of some great organizations on earth gets transformed into science and takes the form of a product. My wish is that by spreading the knowledge of such products that have come into existence for the benefit of humanity, I can remove darkness from human life and contribute to creating a happy life through MarConPra.

Gaurav Sharma - Inventor & Founder, MarConPra Company

6 Unique and Excellent Services for Enterprises



For the needs of public relations, the work of creating digital contact under web media production is done satisfactorily based on information communication technology.



Excellent services of content creation are provided to prepare promotional material for exhibiting products at market in internationally.



The facility of professional conversation is provided to establish mutual business relationship between the consumer and the seller to conduct profitable commercial transactions.



Unique services like understanding of consumer behavior based on humanities, sales formulas for business growth, programming of business campaign planning and strategy along with promotional operation modelling are provided.



At Marconpra, we create PSMHS - Product Seller Modern Hybrid System for manufacturer to sell their products at local as well as in international market.


CCP - Coming Soon