Thinking and Activity

In the beginning, thinking manifests energy from consciousness. and later energetic thinking creates believe. The accumulation of energy and trust develops the necessary focus as well as genuine understanding. And finally powerful concentration transforms essential focus into movement to command guided activity.




Unlimited universal freedom given by the Supreme to human for creating anything on subtle (not gross) dimension.

The ability to think of creating anything is the greatest freedom a human being has and this freedom is the source of all powers.

There are three types of thinking from the point of view of freedom. Other content is the basis of brainstorming level thinking. Systematic consumption of authentic and official content is a good use of the brain-level freedom of thinking.


Energy is generated when two substances come in contact. The generated energy is transformed into sense and subject according to its quality. As the distance between objects decreases, the strength of the connection between sense and subject increases. Valuable exchanges occur to bridge the distance while mutual interaction is used to strengthen the relationship.


The focus is the capability to make conditional and theoretical understanding of the consequences of the physical presence.

Focus can be achieved by performing the operation of conceptualization. In the operation of conceptualization, the individual's receptiveness is worked upon. Many dimensions of the receptiveness such as Principle, Condition, Result, Understanding, Flow, Functionality, and Capability are targeted and the concept is obtained as an output.


Concentration is the ability to convert thoughts/focus into reality.

Ability comes from strength; hence it can be said that concentration is the proficiency of gathering power. Proficiency gets focus as a literal expression. Proficiency is like a platform where word and matter both can play together and suitable facilitator for both. Focus uses this platform to visualize the theoretical side of external world and Concentration uses this platform to visualize the practical side of internal world. In the same proportion in which proficiency gets focus, it transforms it back into material results.


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