Humanities Functionality

Consumers play different roles in different periods of time.

Thinking is the root cause of human behavior. Consumer acquires its unique identity due to special type of brainstorming. It generates the sense of identity. The combination of mental and physical identical states makes a person able to playing a pre-determined role. In a business context, consumers live in six roles. Public, Audience, Prospect, Connection, Customer and Buyer. It’s called consumer classification.

In different environments, the consumer lives his life by behaving certain characteristics according to the existing environment. By working on the consumer's thinking through the subtle processes of humanities, it is possible to determine his behavior by creating a special role for him.

Transforming the consumer in the role of a buyer and getting the purchase done is a great application of MarketPray's humanities model to the sales organization.

Image showing the 6 roles of a consumer in a business context



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