Business Mission

Professional Contributor

It is an inspiring tale of the competitive spirit of an 85-year-old Japanese corporate in the age of modernity. In this story, the contribution made by 6 professionals of the business mission to the success of the company is being narrated.

President, Japanese Corporate

In this part of the story, the President's loyalty towards the company, affection towards the employees and responsibilities towards other industries are being narrated.

The President considered it his duty to fulfil the company's commitment to provide equipment for industrial processes at the international level in every era and to preserve the company's legacy. The determined President begins to put in place systems for digital transformation by changing the company's operations by taking new business initiatives to meet the challenges that arise over time.

Following his philosophy of “Change and Challenge”, the President paves the way for success to the company.

General Manager, International Division

This part of the story highlights the selfless down to earth service of the General Manager of the International Division having over 30 years of experience in foreign trade management.

The General Manager initiates an unbiased observation of the performance of the Overseas Management Department in the business competition of the international market. Managers accept that in today's new era, the existing knowledge has become outdated and the objective experience so far will not be effective in future operations. Although such acceptance could have an impact on the professional career of the manager nevertheless it reveals the reason for the hindrance in the progress of the overseas business expansion, and it opens new opportunity to new comers consequently the execution of business using new methods with updated knowledge.

Later, this General Manager was appointed President of the company's subsidiary establishment in another country.

Person in Charge, Global Public Relation

This part of the story highlights the great contribution of the person in charge of global public relations.

Transforming the distance between buyer and seller into proximity by establishing contact sources for representing the company on local and international media platforms, revolutionizes public relations.

Note: Currently, tales of greatness of 3 out of 6 professionals are available on this story page.

Company accepts new method to do business instead of old way.

Company accepts new method to do business instead of old way.

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